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To promote a broader understanding of the investor-owned utility industry and its contributions to public well-being and New Jersey’s economy.

To advocate for the industry before the State Legislature and regulatory agencies to achieve policies that promote the interest of utilities and their customers in the provision of safe, reliable, environmentally conscious and cost effective services.

To improve efficiency and service through the exchange of ideas, experience and know-how among utility companies.

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COMMENTARY: Skilled workforce is key for utilities

12:07 a.m. EDT October 19, 2016

New Jersey’s investor-owned utility companies provide critical services to the residents and businesses of New Jersey. We keep the lights on, provide clean and safe water, and ensure homes and businesses are warm when the weather turns cold. 

New Jersey Utilities Association Celebrates Careers in Utilities Week

October 17 - 21 recognizes the public utility workforce in New Jersey

TRENTON, NJ – The New Jersey Utilities Association, the statewide trade association for the investor-owned utilities, and its 15 member companies are recognizing the third week in October, the 17 to the 21, as New Jersey Careers in Utilities Week.

Public Water Utilities, Loath to Raise Rates, Must Deal with Aging Pipes, Pumps

water infrastructure

Water industry leaders warned that customers in New Jersey and nearby states face the prospect of higher bills to pay for the repair of aging infrastructure that has been neglected for years by local leaders who lacked the political courage to raise rates.

New Jersey Utilities Association Reminds New Jerseyans to Dial Before Digging on 811 Day and Everyday

Trenton, NJ – In recognition of National 811 Day which promotes safe digging awareness, the New Jersey Utilities Association (NJUA) reminds customers, contractors and excavators across New Jersey to call 811 three full business days before any digging project to request a mark-out to avoid hitting underground public utility lines, wires, cables and pipes. The service is free, and absolutely critical to avoiding injuries and disruptions to vital utility services.

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