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About NJUA 

NJUA is the statewide trade association for investor-owned utilities that provide essential water, wastewater, electric, natural gas and telecommunications services to New Jersey residents and businesses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. NJUA has provided a forum for the exchange of ideas and a unified voice in the public policy arena for its members since 1915.

NJUA’s 16 member utility companies are dedicated to the delivery of essential services to more than 5 million residential customer accounts and nearly 1.3 million non-residential customer accounts across the Garden State. Most of our companies have been in existence serving customers for more than 100 years. Not only do New Jersey’s utility companies help to maintain the wellbeing of the State and provide services that support the State’s quality of life, but also they are a driving force behind New Jersey’s economy.


NJUA member companies touch the lives of every person who lives or works in New Jersey. Because of the services provided by NJUA utility company members, people can read when it’s dark; heat and cool their homes, schools and businesses; enjoy clean water; preserve and prepare food; and communicate rapidly and regularly with friends, family and colleagues. Through utility services, office buildings come to life, factories run, street lights come on, and voice, data and video communications are possible.

NJUA operates under a Board of Directors, with guidance from numerous policy committees. Through NJUA committee member’s expertise, critical information is shared across companies. This exchange benefits the membership by increasing its ability to supply consumers with the highest quality service at a reasonable cost.


NJUA's Mission

• To promote a broader understanding of the investor-owned utility industry and its contributions to public well-being and New Jersey’s economy.

• To advocate for the industry before the State Legislature and regulatory agencies to achieve policies that promote the interest of utilities and their customers in the provision of safe, reliable, environmentally conscious and cost effective services.

• To improve efficiency and service through the exchange of ideas, experience and know-how among utility companies. 





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