NJUA and NJBPU Recognize April as New Jersey Underground Damage Prevention Month

Group_1.JPGThe Hon. Richard Mroz, President, NJ Board of Public Utilities; Andrew Hendry, President & CEO, New Jersey Utilities Association; Bill Tappin, Markout Performance Coordinator, South Jersey Gas & Vice Chair, NJ Common Ground Alliance; and Laurence Downes, Chairman & CEO, New Jersey Resources 

NJUA President and CEO Andrew Hendry spoke on behalf of the Association at a news conference held by the NJ Board of Public Utilities to discuss the “Call 811 Before You Dig” initiative, a national campaign designed to raise awareness and remind homeowners, contractors, and excavators about the critical importance of calling 811 to request a mark out of underground utilities before digging.

“The process is simple,” said Hendry. “When homeowners call 811, they are automatically connected to the One Call center, which collects details about their digging project. The center contacts the separate utility companies, who send workers to mark the locations of underground lines with colored flags, paint or both.” At the event, President Mroz thanked NJUA member companies for their efforts in raising awareness about the initiative and presented Hendry with a Proclamation issued by Governor Christie recognizing April as New Jersey Underground Damage Prevention Month.